seeking elf confidence.

I really think it’s the little things in life that matters the most. I tink that not everyone is appreciated as much as they should be therefore whenever someone does something genuinely nice I never forget to express my sincere gratitude. I seem to always raise others up. And in doing so I forget about the value of my own sense of worth. 


WHy have I been doing this to myelf all my life? I’m neither ugly not obese. I’m not dumb. In fact, I was raised by a doctor and surrounded by nurses, profesors and engineers. The baby boomer crowd seems to enjoy my company and converations. I have been given all the tools I need to succeed. Ive jut been ignoring on focuing all my energy onto myelf instead of always pleasing others. I say I don’t yet I’m not meeting my fullest potential yet. I know im way better than this. Yet I always put myelf down. I remember I was so shocked to get into AP history in 11th grade because I didnt think I belonged in the Ap crowd.


What happened to the iya who was so sweet and intelligent. Who was quick at olving math problem and quick at making poetry.  Beautiful poetry too. What happened to the iya who visualized herself as a leader.


it was once there. it can come backk.


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