i write all these inpisring posts only to write a self depricating one the following day. i need to be persistent. i think i need to admit and accept that i can’t be alone. well, maybe just in my home. i stress out too much about all of the problems at hand. but i can sit by myself in a secluded area in the library. maybe thats the solution to my academic problems. first it was my dad, then time management, and just knowing what surroundings works for me. too bad it took this long. it’s so discouraging to have brilliant ideas that i’m so enthusaiastic about and think that i should’ve started 3 years ago. i would’ve been 3/4 done with college by now. and maybe going into my masters in a couple of years.

sophia aguilar: you can’t do this to yourself. the other day you were excited about your half birthday and celebrated your youth. you have so much to learn and experience. everyone has their time. stop focusing on the past. right now, focus on the present. and if you give it your all every second. you’ll get to where you want if you dont give up.


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