I believe that every individual has unique characteristic that is solely the foundation of their personality. No matter how the individual grows in his or her perspective that certain characteristic will never fade. Mine is appreciating the little things in life and always letting others know how much they are appreciated and assure them the good aspects about themselves. Although it seems that I always forget about myself in this equation. I put others before me, praise their talents and look into myself and fear that I cannot achieve my goals and just entirely not have self confidence in the area that matters the most. But you know what? I’m fucking sick and tired of this shit. It’s time not to be so fucking weak.

I always cry because I don’t have a dad. Fucking weak. So many people have a dad but don’t even give a shit about them. Some people have a dad who is a useless wreck. Some people are paralyzed and still run the olympics. Some people are in poverty and have hope and work hard everyday to get their hit together. Yes, I don’t have a dad. It sucks. But I bet if I talk to him right now he’d tell he to man up and deal with this fucking world. He had fucking cancer. And not one day just said he was scared of tired and just going to end his life earlier. No he fucking endured that mother fucking pain. In that, I must carry on his legacy.


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