listen, i’m  sick and tired of you doubting yourself. you have this fucking fear of keeping yourself from fully living and experiencing life because you have so many worries that you built up yourself. you’re weak. and if you keep thinking this way you’ll end up nowehere. just have faith, motherfucker. with you doubting yourself you quit before even trying. you’re a quitter. you start something enthusiastically and when you reach points of difficulty or boredom you quit. What is wrong with this picture?  In you past diaries you whin about how you shouldve listened to your father “education, education, education.” Did he not emphasize it enough for you? “Wala nang pulus nang arte.” Where is fashion taking you right now tell me? that’s right, a slave for a minimum wage job. get yourself together. stop looking for these motivational qoutes. you have it in you already. you’re marter than you thinkn you are. just think before you do and speak. and also you idiot, make decision to benefit your future, not at the moment.


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