i apologize in advance for being angry butt..

I hate everything and everyone right now

I hate being poor

I hate that everyone keeps shoving the mindset of practicality in my mind

FUCK, brainwashed fools. All the successful people were rejected many times in their life and you cant give other people hope?

Well fuck you. Fuck you very much.

I once had everything. I had a family consisting of 6 siblings and a mother and a father. Now I only have myself. The death of my brother AND FATHER has deeply affected my family in our relationship towards each other. Especially my sister who is ignorant to see that her mother needs her. Who is ignorant to help her when she only earns $600 per paycheck. What the fuck. seriously. fuck. I’m not used to this. I have so many greatt ideas yet no one believes in me anymore. I have to believe in myself enough to actually commit to one fucking project and do great at it. Shit. I will be succesfful i willl be successful! 


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