self pep talk

you can do this iya.

the tenth week of this year is coming soon. are you satisfied with yourself? Because I know you have a lot of things to improve upon. Give yourself a pep talk jut like before the curtain comes up before pop-show or as you are running mt. Sac. You have to be persistent. You can’t allow yourself to be lazy. If you were to do that at mt. Sac then ten or 12 girls would’ve already passed you. Even if you don’t want to get up one morning or want to sleep in, think of how great of a workout it is to get up the toughest hill of the course. This is it iya. Just keep thinking of how much pride it will give you once you give it your best.

Don’t lose hope iya. Prove everyone wrong. Prove the voice in your mind that wants you to be stagnant that you can make her your bitch and will make all your dreams come true. You  have it in you, iya. (firegun shot) go win that race.


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