When are the times you found yourself happiest?

When I engage in substantial dialogues with individuals.

Being brought into another world by absorbing the tone of voice of which executes words that design a new light, analyzing their body language, facial expression. Their reaction to praise. I love that.

I love when people say that I am smart and articulate. That is where I value knowledge. But I recently realized that there is a difference between being smart and being knowledgable.

Being with someone who appreciates me and values me as a person.

Helping others.

Being with my dogs.

Teaching my nieces novel things, teaching them how to speak Spanish and french.

Holding my niece. I find that one of the most precious moments in life. One that no one can put a price upon. Her laughter, her weight in my arms. I take it all in, because one day she will be a grown individual and I will be much older and all we will have are those memories.

Giving my mom money, My mom is struggling financially and to ease her from her worries gives me a sense of relief as well.

Cooking, I like knowing that I can provide for others.

Post-excercise. I am very intuitive so I feel all the good hormones and blood running through my body.

Writing, I am not the best writer in the world. But I get lost while I write, and nothing else matters.

Interogating others, I am in another world of which I do not want to be disturbed. I just want to learn. I realized I am an oral and visual learner.

Experiencing new things and being praised to do so.

Being praised that I tried to speak Spanish.

Being praised in general although I am told that I do not receive compliments well.

Knowing how to do something. No one likes being dumb.

Networking other people.

Creating “music video” ideas for dull moments at my job.

Making others laugh.

knowing what to say.



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