why did i just see this now?

I think this i what my brother and my mom want to tell me. but somehow rocky really made me check myself. I recently found a picture of my mom and I on the day of my baptism. What stood out the most in the picture was her gaze at me. The gaze that every person gives a baby. The look that says “I love you, and I can’t wait for you to accomplish great things.” If you follow my posts, you probably are sick and tired of my fluctuating emotions and know that I’m sick and tired of asking people for help. After seeing this video, I finally effing realized that no one is going to help me raise my self up in this society. Clever right? After all my inspirational posts..And if I keep being stressed and emotional I am only keeping myself from moving up the system’s hiearchy. I have to take control of my life or else others will…


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