I just want to play dress up until I get tired of it.

Fashion to me is more than the outside physical apperance. It is a religion. It is everyone’s religion. From the streets of East L.A to the Runway of Louis Vitton Spring 2013 runway. One can form a story from analyzing how one dresses: their social and economic background to their personality. I took anthropology of witchcraft, magic and religion this year and I’ve learned that some native American religions didn’t think of their way of worship as a religion. It’s a way of life. From the moment we wake up, we choose certain pieces from out closet to express ourselves. Or from a third-world perspective case- they have a limited selection of expressing themselves. My favorite designer Alexander Mcqueen said that he did not want machines as his audiance at a show, he wanted to capture their emotions in every way. He wanted to make them happy, excited or on the opposite side of the spectrum- he wanted to make them puke. Fashion is looked down upon in the intelligence ladder. But if one takes time to analyze every detail of fashion. It is everything. I want to affect human kind and take it to an era where one acknowledges the issue in society and work together to improve the lives of others. In a functionalist perspective in sociology, every thing forms a function, there needs to be a poor-middle class-wealthy ladder. Although that cannot be altered much. I want humanity to work as a team to raise each other up. At least make it a pilgrimage to help those who have a limited ways to express their feelings. No one deserves to be in garments as dirty as a sewer. In my life become more intuned with my body after many experiences of fainting at school or at work. I have listened to many opinions of life. To those who say they don’t need money and those that revolve their lives to money. Neither group is right or wrong. But I have been training my mind to be open as well as to follow those on the top of the economic hiearchy. Most of those are CEO’s who control much of the media and fashion is the media. You see in in every magazine. From spirituality, to bussiness to the Wall Street Journal Magazine. I take joy in being innovative with what I have in my closet to express my daily emotions. Hence, I never choose an outfit the night before. I also enjoy helping others dress in the retail jobs I’ve had in the past and my current job.. With that being said, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” still pertains to my life. I still have a curiosity for science..hence it takes me so long to read a chapter of my chemistry book because I want to analyze every single detail (When I am focused and not experiencing an anxiety). I still want to have “Dr.” before my name. Dr. Miluchia Sibala. How magical does that sound? My name, I am in love with my name. It was taken by my two grandmothers on each of my father and mother’s side. Milagros means miracle and Lucia means light and so I was baptized Miluchia which means Miraculous Light. Now I don’t think my parents we’re thinking about that as they named me. But every since I’ve realized that fact I wanted my name to be known to the world. I wanted to live up to be the  miraculous light. I see everything as a science and art. Fashion has it all. The way the colors reflect from the tone of one’s skin in combination of the colors they choose to wear augments of suppreses their natural skin tone. Science. The way it affects one’s emotions. In retrospect of “Looking Good and Feeling Good.” It raises one’s self esteem if they themselves are comfortable in what they wear and feel that they look amazing it it. Psychology. Science. In a middle class to an upper class point of view one can formulate story of an individuals back ground. Politics. The way one carries themselves in the clothes they wear. Art. My favorite designer has a tattoo “Love looks not with the eyes.” One must use their five senses to decipher beauty because those are the keys to falling in love. That is the purpose of life. That is my philosophy. To live a positive and succesful life, one must be in love (not romantically per se) with everything they do, every person they encounter with. Fashion in the height that it is in the media is how one can influence others. I hope giving genuine love from a smile to a stranger to constantly saying thank you to those who have helped each other, and a pilgrimage to the needy.

I want the mindset of fashion to be a shallow bussiness only for the tall, gorgeous, and fit individuals. With love, people should learn how to love every part of themselves. Their physical and emotional flaws and use that to emphasize positive energy.

We are one. Fashion is everything.


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