I always maintain a wall between my self and potential lovers. My heart has been broken into pieces a few times by the death of the two most important men in my life and a young love I engaged in in high school that I avoid making myself vulnerable to that feeling by being satisfied with a platonic relationship amongst men I develop close relations with. Unfortunately that usually fails. With you however, I cannot feel anything but ecstatic as you occupy my mind. I find myself smiling from ear to ear at the very though of you and all negative situations don’t affect me during that time. Then, I think about how I barely know you. That how we came to be was sudden…and I tend to laugh about it..We get along so well. I don’t care about your job, I know maybe some girls will only date you because of it..but I don’t know…I barely know you…I have no right to feel this way. I shouldn’t.


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