where is my mind? where is your mind?

Therapist provide good functions for society and individuals. But the best therapist is yourself. You are your mind. All philosophers have different opinions on different issues in our world yet they agree on one thing: the power of the mind. We acquire the same amount of genes as rats do-25,000-30,000, but what makes us so different is our minds. Our brains are so complex in the way it is constructed that scientist do not even know every single detail about it yet it is so simple that we have the ability to understand ourselves and society. As a result we create our world. Although nature vs. nurture does play a huge part of it. Your genes and the environment you were raised in but from the age of four one can decipher right from wrong and from then on we create our world. As adults, we should not take this for granted. We do not need to be geniuses to take control of our world, we only need to train it to constantly reap the life we thought was possible when we were a child.


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