Jon Sibala

I want to thank you for being the greatest leader I have ever personally known in my life. Growing up I only saw you as a brother who didn’t want me to join you and your friends play in the dirt because “it was a boys game.” A year after our father passed away I lost control over my emotions for the  transition of having you as my male authority figure in my life was a difficult one. But I was blind to everything you wanted from me, and our family. I was blind to see you as the team leader who wanted to raise up his team to meet it’s full potential through action, faith, and persistence. Over the course of this year, I have realized that you are the greatest individual to ever come out of the Sibala family. An underdog, who was teased as a child and was given jobs no one would want. But as I read “The Millionare Mindset” I have concluded that you have all the traits in the book to live a succesful life. I have abided by your word and read as much as I could on bussines and news. And you, you have all the characteristics these people have. You don’t receive enough recognition and appreciation for everything you have sought out for our family. Now I understand why you want to give up on us. Whatever you choose, I want to thank you and let the world know what an excellent individual you’ve grown to be from the lousy boy who loathe all jobs as a child to taking every initiative to make his dreams come true.

I can never pay you enough for what you have done, except follow everything you have told me starting today.

[excuse my writing, I prefer to edit my works multiple times before I want the world to see it. but i only use this blog as practice.]


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