I get by with a little help from my friends

pt. 2 of my last post: No man is an island. Although you are your best therapist. You are also your worst enemy. We all need individuals in our lives that emphasize the good in us and make us see the world in a positive point of view.

I used to suffer from really bad fainting spells and anxiety. On one occasion I was hyper ventelating on my drive to school. That moment, I though I was going to die on the road. I still get anxiety every so often yet I worry in a silent manner. It hit me again today after the bad results in one of my classes. Again, I felt stuck and every time I feel that way I feels that death is upon me. Immediately, ways to overcome anxiety such as smoking cigarettes rummaged through my mind. But it is not in my nature to knowingly poison my body and bring it to a slow death. Another idea came to me: running. I need to run. I ran with my friend Stephanie to the top of the hills of where we live. On the way back we had a conversation about people and things that affect an individual in a negative way. And how people continually hurt themselves by keeping these type of people in their lives…we also talked about bringing ourselves up. And in a society that requires for so much, the ones who fail are to ones who conform…I honestly do not know how to end this in the best of ways. But I just want to say how lucky I am that the universe made a way for me to reconnect with Stephanie once more. Everyone needs friends who care about their well being…and not only about themselves.


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