From a straight A student to an emotional wreck pt. 2

In elementary school, I was good at every subject except for english…considering that I was a recent immigrant from the Philippines. Although english was a mandatory ubject for u to learn and speak it was native tongue. In middle school, I got straight A’s for 5 semesters. Got my first C in math because I fell in “love” with an artist who had no interest in academics. I thought he was the most interesting creature, he wore all black had a rebel attitude..High first report card was a 3.5 I bitched about it constantly. It was the worsts grades I’ve ever received in my life. Little did I would only get worse..College…I looked down upon those who did not excel in academia only to realize that I have become one of those people. Have I been lying to myself this whole time? Perhaps it’s because I half-ass everything I do. My mind is all over the place and I can never get one thing done, little alone read a whole novel from front to back without wanting to start another one…

Seriously, what is wrong with me? I try to stay positive..but I’d rather not be blind to the fallacies of my life..


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