I think I’m slowly killing myself from stressing out over minute obstacles. Wait a minute..there aren’t any obstacles in my life..I have a food, shelter, clothing and going to school without the need for a job. What could be wrong? It’s probably the voice in my head that tells me “I can’t do it.” whenever things don’t go my way. And I used to blame these things because I come from a family of self-made hard working people. But they’re not telling me what to do per say. I need to breathe, I have all the time in the world.. if I can’t breathe now what more when I occupy my time with a cocktail of things such as a job, bills to pay, personal and family duties. Before I thought the “cool” thing to do was not to really care about school, I maintained a C/B average not putting much effort into school..I guess that’s saying that I’m smart..I guess..but a fool to not give it my all to attain a 4.0. I did it before, I can do it again. I need to keep telling myself that. I must believe in myself for no one else is going to raise me up in my time of troubles. I ceased to self diagnose my self with symptoms I got out of wikipedia or basic medical websites online. I’m drowining myself with a dark murky dense water, when in reality I’m in the heavens. I have a house, a closet full of clothes, a family who loves me, opportunities waiting to be siezed, I have an opportunity to do pretty much anything I want. My family didn’t migrate from the Philippines for nothing. Breathe Iya, Breathe. Everything will be okay. One step…at…a..time…


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