Please take a moment to gather the truth.

you have so much pride yet you fail to succeed as a daughter. Use your five senses to observe our mother. She is in pain, her loss of a husband of 34 years and the loss of her 23 year old son due to murder still haunts her to this day that she spend two days of mourning each year. And she might still be mourning. I know what you’re going to say, I have no right to say such things for I have no flow of money coming in to help mom out. But at least she’s in my thoughts every minute of the day. I yearn to have freedom and do a I please. Then I think about our very own mother, and all the sacrifices she has made so we would be in a better position that she was while she was raising six of us.

She woke up at 5 am every morning to sell eggs, Anna. She would be content only to get 20 Pesos. I have dissapointed her, I have dissapointed our father and above all I have dissapointed my self. But each day I am closer to having a peace of mind. To balance what i want and what needs to be done.

We already lost our father, what more if we lost our mother? Our family is more dysfunctional than ever. Wouldn’t you at least do everything in your power to keep her? And keep her happy?


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