Hello 2012

I don’t want to give in to my emotions any longer. They’re only a distraction from what I really want in life. I’ve grown distant from some of my old friends because seeing it through a “crisis theory” sociologically speaking most of them were never there for me. And although a certain one as there through most of my bullshit with my ex-boyfriend, we argue a lot every time we hang out. And they say people usually cease to be friends or engage in romantic relations because of fighting of the same thing.
I really miss my old friends, I miss having girl friends, I love the people I surround myself with currently, but it’s fucking difficult to only hang out with guys.

I need to write more, I need to improve the way I construct my sentences and choice of words, I don’t call my self a great-writer, but this is the only art I know, it’s my escape from reality into my own world.


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