A wish that can never be granted

If only I could be held in your arms
If only I could hear your voice
If only I could hear you laugh
If only I could see you smile
If only I could have you back in my life again
Then everything would be better.

I miss you dad. There isn’t a day when I don’t think of you. People say time heals all things. But I don’t think I will ever get over your passing.

August 13 4:55 am. My life changed.

After you left, I pictured myself being crazy and asking for you to come back to life. However, I immediately made my self accept that you will no longer be with us. My father, the strongest man I knew, the smartest man I knew, the man I looked up to my whole life, was gone. I wanted to lock myself in a dark room for a month and cut all connection of communication. I wanted to take a break from all my relationships.
No one understood how my family and I felt. Those sympathy cards and flowers meant nothing to me for they couldn’t bring you back to life.

…But I guess it was your time to finally rest.
…Everyday I wish you could come back and make me feel like your little princess again.


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