I hate everyone. in the words of Audrey Hepburn ” I don’t want to be alone. I want to be left alone.”


i think i want to study anthropology. i

  • i think i want to study anthropology. i dont really know where it will lead me in life but it incorporates history and the study of the body and humans which i am in love with. Also incorporates sociology and psychology. I dont know what people are talking about when they say they dont find this useful…
  • oh and theatre and english on the side. i can never think of writing as a job…its just something that brings me a a new world…

okay, i wasn’t in love. I was merely overly infatuated by him. that’s it. I think being in love i when you and your partner are so intimate that you guys are then willing to sacrifice things for each other, and see them in your future.

anyway, yesterday, 4/15/2013 was the first time in my life that I was denied anything by an institution. I never understood students who never got classes..because i always did..and maybe thats why I dont take school seriously. It’s been free for 3 years and I always get my classes easily. i need to fix that. but yesterday i was denied of urgent care services and the receptionist talked to me in the most demeaning manner. but who was i to say something? I have yet to accomplish anything.. but wait and see….

can’t you see i’m in love with you?


it’s such a shame on my part to feel this way. for who are you to reciprocate these feelings? and why do i even feel this way, when the amount of effort i put into seeing you, talking to you doesn’t equate to the amount you do for me. I hate feeling this way, I hate being vulnerable. I hate being in love. I was doing so well from avoiding this feeling for so long. I can’t take it anymore. I shall no longer see or speak to you.